Batteries for Zhu Zhu puppies

2011-05-17 23:01:01

Your Zhu Zhu puppies need more power to go, do they need some batteries? You have come to the right place, as we have a wide range of AAA batteries for your puppies. See below a list with all available AAA batteries best value for your Zhu Zhu puppies!

28 AAA batteries Duracell Coopertop for your Zhu Zhu

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Your puppies will love this boost of energy with this set of 28 Duracell batteries, AAA size, suitable for all puppies and hamsters

Energizer 4 AAA batteries

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Zhu Zhu puppies love to be in constant action, and they need powerful batteries, like these. Buy now these AAA batteries for your Zhu Zhu Puppies or hamsters

Duracell Power Pix ideal for your puppy

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Duracell Power Pix 4 AAA batteries is what your Zhu Zhu puppy needs when it gets tired. These powerful batteries will keep it up to playing long hours and you will have a lot of fun around with it.