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2011-03-19 09:44:41

This is the cheapest Zhu Zhu hamster - Azer, for just 7.30$ on amazon Iíve been searching for the cheapest Zhu Zhu and it seems that these little fast-moving bumble-bees are a bit overpriced everywhere on the market. Since they have been featured on TV and media gave them a piece of attention, the prices went up a little. Anyway, I managed to find the cheapest Zhu Zhu pet available, and it seems it is 7.30$ on amazon, but the price might change.
Azer Zhu Zhu hamster
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I think itís a good deal, since you can have it and make your child happy for a very good price. This time, 7.30$ will be the price to stop those whimpers in your house and get some silence before another hot must-have toy comes on the market.

This Zhu Zhu Iím talking about is suitable both for boys and girls, and is a very good choice whether you are planning or not to later add more Zhu Zhuís to your collection. Itís called Zhu Zhu Azer and is a light-brown to orange color, with soft fur and nice contrasting black ears and paws, and white muzzle. To be sincere, it looks very cute and adorable and for this price, it is a very good choice for some happiness in your house. It will keep your child busy for a long time, because it is an entertaining activity to track and follow these quick hamsters. Not only your child, but your dog or cat might enter the game too, as they are eye catching and canít leave anyone without any reaction Ė you look at it moving around the floor and you want to catch it and see what it is. This is funny.

I would recommend you to hurry up if you want this item, because as they are the hottest toys on the market at this moment, they run out pretty fast, and you might get an empty page if the offer goes. I donít know for how long amazon will keep the price for this Zhu Zhu at 7.30 (the prices can change, check them out nowa) and canít understand why they are doing this, as the Azer hamster looks exactly as the its other siblings and yet, it is cheaper than others. So, you should hurry up and order your cheapest Zhu Zhu hamster pet now available, cheap!
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