Dakota – the Husky Zhu Zhu

2011-04-24 17:58:54

You love Huskies? I definitely do love these dogs, their blue eyes and very smart pretty faces. You can buy this Zhu Zhu puppy online now, here. Just click the "Order Now" link at the right of the image below.

Dakota Zhu Zhu Puppy Order Now!

Siberian Huskies are my favorites, they are smart, intelligent, if you will search on youtube, you can find plenty of videos where you and see how smart and cute they are. Well, the guys at Cepia, the company that produces Zhu Zhu toys decided to release a new puppy toy called Dakota, which is a great husky imitation and looks very doggy. What I love the most in this Zhu Zhu puppy is that it comes with blue eyes, very close to a real Husky.

I’d buy this Zhu Zhu puppy either for a girl, or for a boy, as it doesn’t have any gender characteristics, so for sure either a boy or a girl will love to play with this Zhu Zhu and to add it to his o her collection.

As other Zhu Zhu puppies, it has integrated sensor that will react to the Zhu Zhu accessories, by making some sounds and running or rotating. It can also distinguish when it is patted on its back and can react to each touch it receives. Also, if you want to hear the entire playlist it has, it is enough to gently press its nose, and it will sign up to 40 different sounds and melodies that it knows.

Playing with Dakota Zhu Zhu puppy can become very addictive, even an adult can love to play with this sweet toy, but children for sure will love it and there will be hours of fun in your house with this toy. Even your pet will love it for sure – dogs or cats just love to play with Zhu Zhu puppies, they present a lot of interest to them, so it is a whole family fun, for sure. If your child is asking you for a puppy and you are not very exciting of having one around your house, then this sweet Dakota Zhu Zhu puppy for sure will calm the waters for a long time. If you already own other Zhu Zhu toys and accessories, then your child will find it even more fascinating, as the puppies will interact and the play will become very entertaining.