Howser - an adorable puppy

2011-04-25 09:58:10

Cepia LLC decided to call this sweet Zhu Zhu Puppy Howser a very sweet name for a puppy that is very sweet and looks like a toy suitable both for girls and boys. If you want to make your beloved child happy and you want him/her to feel like the present is a special one, then a Zhu Zhu puppy will definitely be the best choice you can make.

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Howser is a puppy with white fur on the back, but purple spots, which make it look very special and bright. The ears are also purple, the eyes are dark and very expressive, and the nose is also black. The chest button, that can be used to commute from one tone to another and to make the puppy feel like you give it some attention, is bright blue. Generally, Howser makes an impression of a very bright and interesting personality, waiting to be discovered and which is very playful and wants some of your attention.

I love this Zhu Zhu Puppy mostly because it is with a very soft and bright fur, its paws are almost indistinguishable and it has a short tail too, which adds more fun to this sweet dog puppy. For sure, if your children is asking for a pet this sweet electronic robotic dog can be a substitute for it. The biggest advantages are that it doesn't need to be cared like a real pet, it will not awake you in the morning asking to be walked and it "eats" only 2 AAA batteries per puppy, so it is way more practical, especially if your child is too busy to take care of a real pet, which asks for a lot of care and attention, compared to Zhu Zhus.

I found on other sites that this Zhu Zhu dog is compared to a Dalmatian. Well, I might agree - it is spotted, it is sweet, yet the spots are purple, not black, as to a real Dalmatian. The real life Dalmatians dogs are very playful, joyful, they always want to catch attention and they are excellent playmates. Howser, the Zhu Zhu Puppy is very close to this characteristics, so before you think of buying a real dog for a 4-10 year old child, think about the option of getting him/her an electronic puppy.