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2011-03-19 12:14:28

The set of 4 Kung Zhu hamsters - Warriors Kung Zhu Zhu The boys will definitely love the new Kung Zhu series! They come up with sets of Zhu Zhu pets that are warriors and remember some characters from animes and cartoons. The bestseller Kung Zhu hamsters is the set of 4 pets, all from the Kung Zhu series, at a very good price: 28.41$. They are part of the Zhu Zhu Special Forces , they are decorated like soldiers, and can be both like some cuddly hamsters or transform themselves into ferocious warriors, ready to take your command, which use special intelligence chips that make them interact with the Kung Zhu Track system, sold separately.
A set of 4 Kung Zhu Warriors
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The Kung Zhu Battle Arena For the Kung Zhu series of pets, now are available some play sets, to make the play even more entertaining. The bestseller of the moment is the Kung Zhu Battle Arena. Kung zhu pets have to be trained in their Special Training Center for the battle between the Kung Zhu Ninjas and The Kung Zhu Warriors. The hamsters have to be bought separately. The Kung Zhu Battle Arena is 6.8 x 10.2 x 20 inches, 2.9 pounds. The hamsters will come into two teams and fight one against other, so the battle is a very intense event, with hamsters making different noises and transforming the entire play in something very realistic.
The Battle Arena - check out the price!
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Here’s what donnani4os, an amazon buyer, says about the Kung Zhu Battle Arena: "I purchased these at the request of my 9 year old grandson. Because of a serious heart defect he is unable to play sports or do many of the things that other children can. He has so much fun with this toy! They go into battle with each other and make all kinds of cute noises...". She bought the Battle Arena and says it is a good choice, for her grandson, some reviews yet, complain on the Kung Zhu arena as being unstable. Anyway, check out the set on amazon and decide if you want or not to buy it. Also, don't forget you need to buy the Kung Zhu Warriors separately, so check them out, too!

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