Loolah Zhu Zhu Dog

2011-04-24 16:57:52

The Zhu Zhu Puppy Loolah is the latest addition to the Zhu Zhu collection and she looks amazing. It is an imitation of the Yorkshire terrier, one of the most popular and cute puppy in the world. Loolah’s fur is pink and she looks very girlish and attractive.

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You will love the looks of this brand new Zhu Zhu toy, especially because of the soft fur and interesting color selection, which Cepia decided to put on this extraordinary and cute toy. Your beloved girls will for sure love this toy, it has a back sensor that can feel when the toy is patted on its back and can react to that by making sweet sounds and barking.

Also, it integrates very nice with other Zhu Zhu puppies’ accessories, so that it will fully interact with other Zhu Zhus you have in your collection already. It also comes with a small and cute brush, which will help keeping your toy clean and nice.

For real, the Yorkie dogs are very dynamic, they like when they get the entire attention and they tend to make you smile every time they are around. An ideal choice for those looking to have a dog in a small apartment or house and don’t need a big dog. The Zhu Zhu puppy acts like the real Yorkshire: it is cute, small, it makes a lot of interesting songs, it loves when you give it some attention and it always will make you smile, as you never know what its next move will be.

Loolah is the perfect Zhu Zhu puppy for any girl. It is bright, it is very vivid, and it will greatly entertain your daughter, or your beloved girl for which you are thinking to buy it. It is very close to a real dog, yet it is a robotic dog, that reacts to touching and can distinguish other Zhu Zhu accessories and interact with them. Loolah Zhu Zhu puppy is intended for long hours of fun and definitely, it will be the next hit for the child you are planning to buy it for.