Miss Priss Zhu Zhu

2011-04-24 18:16:46

Say “Hello!” to the next Zhu Zhu Puppy addition to the Zhu Zhu family: Miss Priss. Miss Priss is another sweet and adorable puppy, from the Cepia LLC, creators of the all Zhu Zhu series.

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This time they came with a very interesting model of a dog puppy that reminds me my pet I had once, so this Miss Priss puppy is very close to me and I love its fur and they way it was designed. The Miss Priss Zhu Zhu is silver white, it has dark eyes and black nose. It comes together with a special small brush (as any other Zhu Zhu Puppies that have long fur), so that your child learns to care his/her puppy accordingly and make a responsibility out of that, so that the feel of a real puppy stays as realistic as possible.

Miss Priss is a girlish dog, from my point of view. Miss Priss and Loolah (the Zhu Zhu puppy I have already wrote about), have a hair clip, so that the long fur stays fixed and your girl have another reason to play with them. This is why I think that these models are more suitable for girls, rather than boys. If you are looking for a Zhu Zhu Puppy for a boy, then you should check other Zhu Zhu puppies, such as Dakota, Murphy, which are suitable for boys too and do not have any girlish distinctive signs.

If you are ready to get one of these puppies, don’t forget they all can have different accessories adjusted and the playground with them becomes even more captivating and your children will have more things to do with them. If you want to add even more color to your present, then consider buying some accessories for them too, as I is even more entertaining when you have to do more activities with a Zhu Zhu puppy.

As every other Zhu Zhu puppy, Miss Priss has short paws, it makes strange and funny noises and it is very funny how it moves fast and quickly changes directions on the floor, so fast that sometimes you can’t even follow it or catch it. I am more than sure you and your child will love Miss Priss and it will remain a hit for a long time in you girl’s toys collection.