Murphy, a sweet puppy

2011-04-24 18:08:20

Murphy is the next puppy I felt in love with. It looks great ad imitates very closely a real dog, yet it is of smaller dimensions and it is electronic, so that all the problems linked to keeping a pet fall.

Murphy Zhu Zhu Puppy Order Now!

If your child is asking you for a new toy or a present, and he/she is ready to experiment a new electronic toy that will bring hours and hours of fun in your house, for sure! This puppy is a very attractive imitation of a small dog, which your girl of boy will love for sure. It reacts via its included sensors, to different Zhu Zhu accessories and toys and that makes the play even more interactive and interesting.

This Zhu Zhu puppy model comes together with a fur brush, to keep it soft and clean it after each play. The puppies can be played by one or more children and can serve as a very interesting educational toy also – you can learn your child how to care an animal, how to make it to feel comfortable, what a dog should eat, how to love animals, etc., so it can become more than a running electronic toy.

I can guarantee that Murphy, this sweet Zhu Zhu puppy is an excellent toy if you want your beloved child to have a pet but he/she is not yet ready for one. It imitates very closely a dog, it has brown soft plushy fur, with a black nose and dark eyes, big curly ears and a very positive attitude, being so active and making so many interesting songs, it will be for sure a hit in your house and your children will love to have this toy around each time they go to play.

Each Zhu Zhu puppy comes together with a brush and with 2 AAA batteries for Zhu Zhu, the same that are used in your remote control, and they last depending on how intensive the playing is. You also have to pay attention and not let children under 4 unattended to play with this sweet puppy, as even it looks sweet, there’re some rotating parts that can catch hair and lead to some injuries, so be careful who plays with it.

Overall, It give this model a 5 out of 5, because it is a very attractive and innovative toy, it is original and I love the way the puppy behaves in different situations and how it reacts when you prove some attention to it and pat it on its back or touch its nose. Sweet!