Pet Hamsters for Boys

2011-03-19 19:09:36

Below, I’d like to make a list of the Zhu Zhu hamsters that, for sure, are a must-have for any boy from 3 years old and up. These pets are a total madness, they have infinite playing scenario and can be both in role of a timid and cuddling hamster, or a fearful and fast warrior. And since the Kung Zhu series of hamsters has been released, boys from all over the world are all now dreaming of such entertaining toys.

Yama - a real Kung Zhu hamster Yama – Real Ninja Kung Zhu
A white Kung Zhu hamster, with a red mark on its left eye and a special secret mark on its back, that is very impressing and will for sure make any boy play with it for hours. Let this super Ninja warrior be part of you boy’s playing ground and make him happy with this super boyish hamster.
This is ninja kung zhu
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The Kung Zhu Ninja Warrior - Thorn Thorn – Kung Zhu Ninja Warrior
Alongside with other Kung Zhu ninja warriors, Thorn is a must-have Kung Zhu, that can be both a strong ally, or the biggest enemy for your other Kung Zhu warriors. Let the boys witness the war between Kung Zhus and fight for justice. This super combatant ninja hamster is what he needs in his battles!
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Special forces Kung Zhu: Rivet Rivet – Special Forces Kung Zhu
Rivet is the super hamster that will add even more joy to your boy’s excitement, having a Zhu Zhu collection of hamsters. In battles between them, they can offer hours of fun and endless joy. These sweet and on the same time ferocious hamsters, are the ultimate toy every boy must have in his collection. Let your child’s imagination go beyond, inventing new battles and fights between Kung Zhu hamsters!
Rivet Kung Zhu
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A set of 4 Kung Zhu hamsters Set of 4 Kung Zhu
You can get an entire set of the Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors, and that will drastically cut the price, in contrast to the retail prices. Kung Zhu game becomes more entertaining when there’re more hamsters to play with and it engages your boy even more in the game''s process. The entire team of 4 Kung Zhu hamsters can be split into 2 armies and they can fight against each other. It is a very entertaining game and any boy would like to have this collection of Kung Zhus. You can buy them all 4 from here (the link will direct you to amazon store).
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