Pretty Pink Dress for Zhu Zhu Puppies

2011-06-01 15:52:28

This pink dress that is made to suit the Zhu Zhus at their coolest parties, is a very stylish and elegant accessory, every girl loving and caring about her puppies must have it.

Zhu Zhu pink dress outfit Order Now!

It is a very beautiful yet affordable accessory which will bring a lot of joy to your beloved girl and to her sweet puppies, as it is entirely made of high quality fabric, with a pink floral pattern which will catch anyone’s attention and will put your beloved Zhu Zhu puppies into evidence.

This dress fits all the Zhu Zhu puppies that are made at this moment, yet we think it is more advisable for girlish Zhu Zhu, such as Loolah or Sabrina. These two puppies are commonly accepted ad being girlish Zhu Zhu and this dress will for sure fit on them more than on Howser or Dakota. But it is not a general rule, and as the manufacturer says that any Zhu Zhu can wear it, it probably doesn’t matter too much which one your Zhu Zhu puppy is, as long as your child enjoys playing with it dressed in this super-dress.

This outfit is recommended for children of 3 years and over, it might contain small parts that can pose a danger for smaller babies. Also, if you already own a Zhu Zhu, you know probably that being too close to hair it can catch it, the same can happen with such accessories as this dress and other outfits, so it is not recommended for smaller children to have access to these accessories and toys.

This outfit can be bought right now online, on our site. To check the price or to order it, please click the Order Link or the image above – they both will lead you to the sales page, where you can check the price and you also will have a wide range of other available outfits which you might like as well and which can be also bought online. Under some circumstances, you can become the subject of free shipping service, make sure you click on this link and you consult the page for more details.