Popular Zhu Zhu Toy Models

2011-03-13 17:05:24

There are many models of Zhu Zhu available on the market, but it is not guaranteed that you can order all of of them as they go out of stocks pretty fast especially at holidays, when all parents want some entertaining toys for their children. Below Id like to make a list with the most popular Zhu Zhu hamsters available now on amazon. You might want to order now one, as they are still available:

Num Nums
The Num Nums Zhu Zhu toyGrey hamsters, very cute, they have a short plush skin and a heart drawn on their back. Pink nose, which is a button itself, a button that is the same for all the models of Zhu Zhu hamsters. These hamsters suit more for boys in my opinion, but girls might love them as well.
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The Scoodles models of Zhu ZhuThey are dark brown with white paws, a very cute and sweet combination, which remembers a real hamster. They seem also to be like a little bear, and will be for sure on the most favorite Zhu Zhu toy for your child.
Scoodles Zhu Zhu
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Winkie - another Zhu Zhu HamsterWinkie is a panda-like hamster it is designed in black and white, the head is black and only the two sparkling eyes can tell you that this is the head of this cute creature. They make funny noises and for sure are a good addition to your Zhu Zhu hamsters collection.
Winkie Zhu-Zhu pet
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Nugget Zhu Zhu toyNugget remembers me more an orange than a hamster, but this is just my adult association, children for sure will see in it a cute hamster that needs a cuddle and a kiss. No doubt they will enjoy this model, especially girls, because of its light orange color and bright fur.
Nugget zhuzhu
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Roxie Pink Long Hair
Roxie Pink Long Hair Zhu Zhu HamsterIt is definitely a stylish Zhu Zhu. It comes in an exotic combination of white back, black head and a long pink crest, that makes it very distinct across the entire Zhu Zhu Hamsters collection. This particular hamster can be the best friend of your children and of your pet, because it can become a perfect toy for a cat or a dog too, even it is not intended to be so.
Roxie - Pink Hair Zhu Zhu
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Moo - another Zhu Zhu toyMoo is a Zhu Zhu that remembers me by its name and by its design more of a little cow than a hamster. It is white, with black dots, and can moo when its pink nose is pushed.
Moo Zhu Zhu hamster pet
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