Zhu Zhu Accessories: Puppy Posh Carrier

2011-05-29 14:17:29
Zhu Zhu Accessories: Zhu Zhu Puppy Carrier Are you looking for an easy way to carry your Zhu Zhu Puppies? You need a Zhu Zhu Puppy Carrier, which you can buy right from this page. Click here to buy a Zhu Zhu Puppy Carrier.

This is a fabulous and stylish way to carry your puppies around: Zhu Zhu Accessory Puppy Carrier is exactly what every Zhu Zhu Puppy is looking to have. This is mostly a girlish accessory, as it is designed in pink and white stripes, to attract more attention to your Zhu Zhu puppy and to make you more stylish.

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If you are looking to complete your Zhu Zhu collection with another accessory which will make your girl a lot happier than any other toy, then this super bag is for her. It can be used wither to carry the Zhu Zhu puppies and to travel with them or for carrying other toys and make a very interesting and original accessory. For sure, your girl will fall in love with this super bag, which has also the Zhu Zhu logo printed on the side of it.

As you probably have guessed already, the item is sold separately of other puppies, so no Zhu Zhu puppies are included in the bag. As it has to be a very stylish piece of accessory, this bag is coming with a bright red papillon attached to it and is a very original and elegant way of transporting a few puppies. The bag is shipped in a package weighting 12 ounces, it is recommended to children of 3 years and up and the only thing which associates it with the Zhu Zhu collection is the puppy face which is printed on the side of the bag. However, the carrier can be used as a small bag, too, for carrying different objects or other toys, so it is a double functional carrier.

We are more than sure that your beloved daughter, niece or girl will be excited with this extraordinary gift, which will add a lot more style to her outfit, and will serve as a very good reason to make her love even more her Zhu Zhu puppies. If till now, it was a problem going some other places, because she wanted to stay home and play with her Zhu Zhu puppies, or she said she was afraid of letting them sleep alone home while she leaves, then this problem is like solved now: she can carry her favorite Zhu Zhu puppies with her any place she likes it and enjoy the game with her puppies as she likes it.

You can order and buy this super Zhu Zhu accessory right from this page. Just click on the image of he accessory above, or click the “Order now” button, and you will be redirected to the shopping page, where you will have a list of all the shipping and payment options, the price and some suggestions for other cool Zhu Zhu accessories. Don’t forget to come back and tell us how this cool Zhu Zhu Puppy Posh Carrier accessory has been received by your girl and if she likes it or not.