Zhu Zhu Puppu Bow Wow Buggy

2011-06-01 14:48:38

Think of how happy could your Zhu Zhu puppies be if they would have such a great accessory as a Bow Wow Buggy for them to go traveling and working with.

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This is a great addition to your Zhu Zhu collection, if you want to bring more joy not only for your girl, but for her Zhu Zhus. It looks like a girlish accessory, but, in fact, it can suit as well for boys, if they enjoy playing with them. This Zhu Zhu puppy accessory is a very elegant and interesting buggy, and somehow it remembers the Oriental buggies, used even these days in some places o earth.

It is very funny to see how a sweet ad adorable Zhu Zhu puppy is carrying a buggy and it becomes very funny to see how it reacts to it. The buggy is not too big, but it can fit easily two Zhu Zhu babies, so that the game’s becoming even more interesting and your child can follow even a story while playing with it and it can become more entertaining this way.

The buggy is made of quality plastic and it is coming without a puppy, so you have to have at least one if you want it to be used as soon as it is shipped to you. The Zhu Zhu buggy is of dark pink and has also some attachments like small tiny bags which hang over the roof of the buggy and while moving they will swing back and forward, and giving even more impression that the buggy is real and is just a piece of original buggy from the Oriental streets of Japan or India.

It is recommended for children of 3 years and over, at shipping it will not exceed 2 pounds and is sold separately from the Zhu Zhu puppies, as we already have mentioned it before, so you will have to buy separately at least one puppy if you want to give your beloved child the chance to start playing with it right away. From our point of view, this accessory will go best with Sabrina Zhu Zhu puppy or with Loolah Zhu Zhu, because they all both are girlish puppies and as the buggy is pink, probably it is intended for girls, which is just a personal belief. No doubt, boys will enjoy playing with it, too.

If you are thinking of getting one of these, for sure it will be a very good choice. Please click the image above or the Order link and check out the price plus more details about this item, shipping details and some suggestions you might enjoy. Hope we helped you in making your decision of buying a Zhu Zhu accessory and if you are thinking a Zhu Zhu Bow Wow, then we will be glad to assist you with this purchase.