Recommended Hamsters for Girls

2011-03-19 18:27:59

Jilly Pink and White
The pink Jilly, sweetest hamster Depending on the environment, this sweet Zhu Zhu will make up to 40 different sounds, and is a very cute pink with white hamster, that is looking for your love and affection. It will definitely be a hit for your children or nieces, as it is impossible to not love it. This adorable hamster pet is available now on amazon, so hurry up!
Jilly in pink and white
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Zhu Zhu Nugget
The Nugget pet hamster Another very cuddling and sweet hamster, that for sure will be on your daughter's or nieces' taste. It is incredible how much joy and smiles they can bring to a preteen girl, that will spend probably, hourse playing with it and creating different situations just to make her hamster feel loved. This orange hamster, with an white label on its back, is also making a lot of different sounds and it can change moods, being either sleepy or ready to play.
Nugget Zhu Zhu
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Moo - another sweet hamster
The Moo Zhu Zhu pet Another adorable Zhu Zhu toy that every little girl will love is the Moo Zhu Zhu hamster. In some way it resembles a little calve, and it makes, also, strange and funny noises that will for sure transform it in your princess's most favorite toy for months and months on. As any other Zhu Zhu, it comes with 2 AAA Zhu Zhu batteries<>, the same as for your remote control, and they are enough for hours of fun and many smiles.
Check out the Moo Zhu Zhu hamster
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The Hedgehog Zhu Zhu
The Hedgehog Zhu Zhu A very sweet and hairy Zhu Zhu, very original and different from other Zhu Zhus, as it has long fur and is softer than other its siblings. This one, called The Hedgehog, will for sure be one of the favorite toys of your beloved girl or niece, as it is fluffy, playful and make very sweet sounds and quick moves. Get it now while it is still available on the amazon!
The Zhu Zhu hedgehog
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