Sabrina Zhu Zhu Puppy

2011-05-17 21:09:26

Are you looking for a puppy which will keep entertained your daughter or your niece?

Sabrina Zhu Zhu Puppy Order Now!

Sabrina Zhu Zhu Puppy seems to be the best choice if you want to make an unforgettable gift to a girl. It is sweet and adorable, it makes funny noises and it will be a total hit in your house for months from now. The secret of the Zhu Zhus is that they are very social and very funny to play with. Children love them because they can interact with them and there’re so much ways to play with them and make them interact with other Zhu Zhu puppies.

Sabrina is an adorable puppy, it has white fur and is very sociable, as you will discover later she is full of surprises. The puppy comes with a nice brush for her, so you can keep her fur always clean and neat. She has to look good as she is very trendy and loves attention and makes so many funny sounds when you touch her chest button or when you pat her on its back. This will be for sure one of the favorite toys for your girl or for your niece, it suits perfectly for a birthday present, or for other occasions.

It is compatible with all zhu zhu accessories, and with other zhu zhu puppies, so if you already own a few other puppies, than be ready for a lot of fun with it. From my point of view, Sabrina is a girlish puppy, but boys might enjoy playing with it, too. The most what they might like is her adorable look and the plushy fur on her back. While it is all white and you might be afraid of stains or spots and you don’t want it to get dirty too fast, we would recommend playing with it only in dry places. Also, it is not recommended to play with this toy near long hair, as it can get trapped inside the toy.

Sabrina, as all other Zhu Zhu puppies, needs 2 AAA batteries to make it work and these last depending on how much the toy is used, but they are enough for hours and hours of fun. If you are thinking to buy Sabrina Zhu Zhu puppy, you can do it right now, just click the image or the order link and in a short time it will be delivered to you. We hope you enjoy this Zhu Zhu puppy and it will make your child happy, as it is a great toy.