Why small and cute toys attract us?

2011-03-25 18:40:24

Small toys have always been so sweet. In my opinion, adults keep always inside a part of their childhood and they are always wanting to play and have little pet to caress. This is why so many adults still love the Zhu Zhu hamsters and are prone to play with them just as much as children do.

What I love the most at the Zhu Zhu collection is that it combines the idea of a small pet with idea of a small sweet toy. Even if it will not give you the exact experience as a real hamster would do, it is still nice to have it and you don't have to clean after it, so this is the strongest pro for these sweet hamsters. And they are suitable both for girls (a lot of hamsters have girlish accessories) and for boys, with the kung zhu series of warriors and so on.

Also, not only you, but your cat and your dog might as well find it funny to play with a zhu zhu and this is because it resembles very well to a mouse, it moves fast and it makes funny noises, which for sure will attract your pets and make them wondering what exactly is this new 'animal' you just brought home.

What you might not like at zhu zhu hamsters is that they can easily break if they fall on a hard surface (as any other plastic toy would), and it quite dangerous if you put it near long hair while its wheels are rotating - it will for sure pull it in the mechanism and since it doesn't have a force sensor, it will pull it till either it blocks or till it snatches it, which is not too much fun anymore. So be aware of it in under your pillow, you can't sleep with a zhu zhu with batteries in it :P

Other than that, it is an excellent toy for children and would entertain any adult for sure, too. You will love it because at our child age we hadn't such cool toys and we never played with walking and singing hamsters, so we can have the chance to play with them now.

You can buy a zhu zhu hamster right from this site. It will redirect you to amazon, and I will make a tiny commission on that, if you don't mind. It is a way of how I keep this site live and what motivates me to collect more information on zhu zhu hamsters.