Zhu Zhu puppies video game

2011-07-05 21:48:51

Let’s discover the Zhu Zhu puppies from another point of view! It looks like the cooperation between Cepia (the producers of Zhu Zhu puppies) and Nintendo (the company which helped at the creation of the Zhu Zhu game) is a total hit.

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Children and adults all over the world are continuing to fall in love with the Zhu Zhu characters and they are more than ever good to be a subject of a video game. Such videogames have been released more than a half a year ago and you can have one copy even now, when some would say that the era of Zhu Zhu puppies is going down.

Fortunately, the statistics show a growth in the sales percents of the Zhu Zhu puppies and other products related to the, so this is good news for those who have already bought a Zhu Zhu puppy as their puppy is still a hit toy. If you are looking to impress a child and he or she has already a Zhu Zhu puppy, then the best gift would be such a video game which will give life to the characters with which the child was playing. This has a lot of benefits, because it helps the child’s imagination and will add a lot of new ideas to the way the Zhu Zhu play is seen. Video games are very good at exemplifying and showing how the things are and how they should be understood.

The Zhu Zhu Puppies with exclusive freckles is the ideal game not just for children but for their parents, too. It is a family game, and in it you can transfer your real game and continue playing with your zhu zhu beloved puppies. In this game you can choose between 7 puppies to adopt and create a game around each of them. Once you adopt a zhu zhu puppy you can start playing different games with it, such as chess, catching bubbles or sing-along. In this game your main duty is to take care of your puppy and keep it away of trouble: you have to keep clean the place where it lives and make sure it is accordingly cared. The game includes also the “Freckles” included with the game. You can find out more about hits free gift, clicking on the order button or on the image – it will redirect you to the buying page and more details about this zhu zhu puppies video game. If you would like to order this video game with zhu zhu puppies as characters, please click the ordering button link now and you will be directed to a page with more details about how to order online, and you even may be subject for free delivery.