Where to Buy Zhu Zhu Pets in Canada?

2011-03-19 10:42:44

A year ago or so, it was pretty hard to find a Zhu Zhu hamster in Canada. People were fighting for the latest stocks of hamsters, and stores have faced a total madness with these little pets in the 2009 – 2010 Christmas. It was a total madness...

Now, that things cooled down a little and the Christmas rush is over, you can easier find Zhu Zhu pets in Canada. The best and most recommended way to buy Zhu Zhu is online, at amazon. They have very good prices, they also ship pretty fast, not only to Canda, but to Australia and UK, and anywhere else. So the online pre-orders are the way to go.

Winkie - one of the cheapest Zhu Zhu, available in Canada through amazon! For example, let’s look at this cute Zhu Zhu, called Winkie. It can be found on amazon for just 14$ (later edit: it's $9.68 now) and is an adorable cute hamster, in black and white, suitable both for girls and boys. You get free shipping if you order more than 25$ and you save a lot of time, instead of spending a day through all the supermarkets across Canada.
Zhu Zhu Winkie - check out the price
Buy Now!

If you’re looking for something more affordable, a cheap zhu zhu, then check out this one: there’re cheaper Zhu Zhu hamsters at the half the price!!! For 5$ you can get a zhu zhu hamster, which is a total madness... After they were sold with 30 and even 70$ a piece, you can get them at 5$ now. And they are still cute, and your child for sure will still love them. So, check these items, they are from the Build-a-bear seller on amazon and are way cheaper than other zhu zhu hamsters on amazon! The Zhu Zhu in the picture is Winkie, you can get at the same price Carly or Scoodles. And they are all shipped to Canada, too, in up to 5 days. I say you should click the links and check these cute hamsters right now!
Check if it is still $5 a piece
Check out Scoodles
See if the $5 price is still on
Meet Carly Zhu Zhu!

You also can find some Zhu Zhu pets, depending on the stocks, in the local toy stores, like Toys R Us, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan or at Walmart. They all have or used to have Zhu Zhu in their stocks. But, again, if you are from Canada, looking for a Zhu Zhu, you probably will find getting it online as being the most time effective and you won’t lose too much time searching on the supermarkets’ shelves.

Another cheap zhu zhu hamster! Check it out, too