Zhu Zhu Features

2011-03-13 17:04:35

Zhu Zhu hamsters are fun to play and can keep your child entertained for hours, especially if you buy them with some additional accessories and playsets. These can entirely change the way a child is playing with them. Below are the main specifications of these hamsters. They all seem to have the same engine and inside specifications, the only thing that is different from model to model is their skin and the sounds they make.

Batteries and voltage
A Zhu Zhu pet requires 2 AAA batteries (the same size as for a TV remote control). They come with the hamster when you buy it, but as many have reviewed them on amazon and other websites, the batteries get consumed pretty fast, especially if the hamster is put into too much action. To keep the fun going, make sure you have at least a pair of new batteries to change them. The voltage is 3 V so there’s no risk of an electric injury.

Manufacturer’s age limits
The manufacturer recommends that the hamsters to be allowed to children of 3 years old and more. However, this is a toy that has fast rotating parts and can be threatening if the hair happens to be pulled in the mechanism, so adult surveillance is always recommended. In care it is broken, it contains parts that can be inhaled or ingested – another reason to keep an eye on what you child is doing with this toy. The hamsters are covered in plush, so they don’t pose a risk of severe injury, but if you buy some accessories like hamster’s car or hamster’s excavator, than, again, there’ll be the risk of inhalation of the containing parts.

Toy’s functions
It is a funny toy because it resembles a hamster – with sharp moves and soft skin. Besides that, each model has a particular sound model and they make very strange sounds. These are sounds a live hamster would never do, but the toy is intended to be fun, not a copy of a real hamster. Some reviews say these songs and sounds are a bit annoying and not very interesting, but that might be for an adult. Children always are fascinated with the toys that make sounds, no matter if they are natural or not. Each hamster has different playing modes. It can become cuddly and make soft sounds, waiting to be petted, it can enter the play mode and run faster than your dog.