Zhu Zhu Giant Hamster City Playset, Check It Now!

2011-03-19 13:28:37

The Zhu Zhu Giant Hamster City Playset This is the ultimate playset for Zhu Zhu pets, it is a giant city for hamsters, that any Zhu Zhu fan must have. It is 27.8 x 21.1 x 6.5 inches, 10.7 pounds and includes a Giant Sky City Mall with Pinkie & Yo-Yo pets. This playset is a very cool collection of accessories for you Zhu Zhu hamsters and includes:

  • a Metro Lift Elevator
  • Mall Pet Shop
  • Overpass Tunnels
  • U-turn
  • Y-intersection
  • Red Sports Car with garage
  • Movie Theatre
  • The Pinkie Zhu Zhu hamster and the Yo-Yo pet, special edition

The Zhu Zhu Giant City Playset
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This playset can have different playing scenarios, like the hamsters first catching a movie, driving to the theatre, let the hamsters explore their new world and let them run through the tunnels and go to the second level, called the Sky City, from where they can come down by elevator or by the tunnels. All the parts from this giant hamster city can be connected with other Zhu Zhu accessories, to build a super-giant city for all your pet hamsters. This can be very entertaining and make hours of fun, playing in different scenarios.

In my opinion, this giant super city is a very cool toy, a must have for all Zhu Zhu fans, it comes with one included hamster (Pinkie), and it can put the imagination of your child at work, because it leaves up to him or her to decide what actions the hamsters must take next. They can put them to run through tunnels or play with them like they have to discover the city and make different decisions. The possibilities are endless, and I would recommend this playset for both boys and girls; it can be a single or many children’s toy.

It can be bought on amazon, and there aren’t too much pieces left, so you better hurry up if you want to catch one of such a impressive hamsters' facility, which indeed is a super giant city, ready to host all your Zhu Zhu hamsters collection and make them feel like home!

Giant city video

Below is a video review of the Zhu Zhu Giant City, made by a mother who bought the city playset for one of her daughters.

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