Zhu Zhu Accessories: The Zhu Zhu Posh Puppy Play House

2011-05-29 13:15:29

Buy this extraordinary play house if you are looking to make your Zhu Zhu puppies happier than ever. For sure, they are waiting for you to buy them something new, which will add more joy into their lives.

Posh Play House Order Now!

You have the duty to keep them entertained and happy with the life they are having in your collection, so, be kind, and give them what they want: more entertainment and more joy. This ultimate Zhu Zhu Play House is an accessory which can’t be missed and which you have to have right now.

First of all, it is compatible with all the Zhu Zhu puppies that are sold at this moment and it is the latest addition to the Zhu Zhu Pet Line. It weights two and a half pounds and is made out of a very high quality plastic, which will last for longer time and will keep your child and your Zhu Zhu family entertained for months starting from now.

This item is sold separately, without the puppies, so you have to buy the Zhu Zuh puppies, too, if you don’t have any, or to buy more of them if you want to make the game even more entertaining. The Zhu Zhu puppy Posh Play House is an accessory consisting of a play ground, where Zhu Zhu puppies can interact and play. There are two entrances in the play house, equipped with sensors, which let the Posh Play House react to the Puppies’ entrance or exit from it and react accordingly, by making different strange sounds and noises, and transmitting that to the puppies, which also, will let you know that they have recognized the play house and are enjoying it.

From my point of view, this Zhu Zhu Posh Play House is a great buy, since it is a perfect toy for all Zhu Zhu fans, it will make your child’s play more entertaining and will let him or her learn new and interesting facts about how puppies love to play and to get someone’s attention and make different moves and games that only they can understand sometimes. You can buy this superb addition to your Zhu Zhu collection right from this page. Please, click the image above or the buying link and you will be redirected to a page where the price and the shipment details are specified. We hope you will like you buy and will enjoy at its maximum – buying the Zhu Zhu Posh Play House will definitely change the way your child is playing with Zhu Zhu toys.